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PERFECT COIN BEND MAGIC COIN TRICK THE MAGICIAN LAYS AN ORDINARY COIN ON THE FLOOR AND TAKES A FEW STEPS BACK FROM IT. AS HE CONCENTRATES ON THE COIN, IT IS SEEN TO MOVE, AND THEN BEND, COMPLETELY OUT OF REACH FROM THE MAGICIAN. THE COIN IS THEN PICKED UP AND SHOWN TO BE BENT. (Warning!! Do not read this if you don’t want this really great Magic Effect spoiled, one must remember that they can never Return to that state of being mystified once the secret has been Spoiled, and what you must know is that Magicians are really Guarding an empty chest, and usually it evokes and grown and A that’s all it is. The reason for this is that the secret must be of that Nature in order to fool you, and that is really is the magicians Salesman ship that makes the wonder and the magic in the first place! So please only read on if you are serious about taking up the art of magic As it is more fun to be fooled and Amazed, ( Makes me feel like a kid Again and I love that! ) But for the up and coming Magician in your Family, feel free to print this out and give him this fine gift! And For other Great Magic effects, books and Magic Sets please be Sure to visit our fantastic web-site along with signing up for our Free magic Levitation E-course…. So here is our gift to you… TO PERFORM THIS EFFECT, YOU NEED TO OBTAIN A FAIRLY LONG PIECE OF INVISIBLE THREAD. (Copy and paste to order) Its only a buck and this is the best you can buy anywhere! THEN, TAKE A COIN, AND PUT A SLIGHT BEND IN IT WITH SOME PLIARS. SLIGHT IS THE KEY HERE, YOU DON’T WANT ANYONE TO NOTICE THAT IT’S BENT BEFORE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE. THEN, WITH SOME MAGICIAN’S WAX (ALSO AVAILABLE IN ANY MAGIC SUPPLY STORE), ATTATCH THE THREAD TO ONE END OF THE COIN, AND ATTATCH THE OTHER END OF THE THREAD TO YOUR SHIRT. TO CREATE THE ILLUSION THAT THE COIN IS BENDING, AFTER YOU LAY THE COIN ON THE GROUND AND MOVE A STEP OR TWO AWAY FROM IT (HOWEVER MUCH YOUR LENGTH OF THREAD WILL ALLOW), SIMPLY MOVE YOUR BODY BACK SLIGHTLY, AND THIS WILL CAUSE THE THREAD TO PULL UP ON THE BENT END OF THE COIN, MAKING IT APPEAR THAT IT’S BENDING AS IT’S LAYING THERE! AS SOON AS YOU’VE “BENT” THE COIN, WALK UP AND GRAB THE COIN, EITHER BREAKING THE THREAD, OR SLIDING OFF THE WAX WITH YOUR THUMBNAIL, AND GIVE THE COIN OUT FOR EXAMINATION. A REAL MIND BLOWER AND SO EASY TO DO! THIS IS ALSO A FANTASTIC ROUTINE FOR THE NEW LOCKING ITR REEL. Copy & Paste to view, this is one of the coolest magic Inventions ever created for Magicians!

Easy to learn magic Card Tricks Coin Tricks Levitation Magic

Easy to learn Card Magic Tricks Coin Magic Tricks Levitation Magic

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Author: Proffesional Magic Creations, Foo Ling Yu

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