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QUICKSILVER Magic Trick Bend a nail using your mind

QUICKSILVER Magic Trick – Bend a nail using your mind! An
Experiment in Psychokinesis that you can learn to do!
An examined nail melts over and bends upward at the touch of the

Warning!! Do not read this if you don’t want this really great
Magic Effect spoiled, one must remember that they can never
Return to that state of being mystified once the secret has been
Spoiled, and what you must know is that Magicians are really
Guarding an empty chest, and usually it evokes and grown and
A that’s all it is. The reason for this is that the secret must be of that
Nature in order to fool you, and that is really is the magicians
Salesman ship that makes the wonder and the magic in the first place!
So please only read on if you are serious about taking up the art of magic
As it is more fun to be fooled and Amazed, ( Makes me feel like a kid
Again and I love that! ) But for the up and coming Magician in your
Family, feel free to print this out and give him this fine gift! And
For other Great Magic effects, books and Magic Sets please be
Sure to visit our fantastic web-site along with signing up for our
Free magic Levitation E-course…. So here is our gift to you…

To prepare, all you need to do is buy 2 nails, size doesn’t matter, and take
two pairs of pliers, and put a small (about 25degree) bend about a half inch
from the sharp end of one of them.
To show that “both” nails are unbent, simply hold the unbent one between
the thumb and first finger of the right hand, and hold the bent one (hiding the
bend) between the first finger and middle finger of the LEFT hand. First,
reach over with your right hand and hand the spectator the nail to examine.
Once they’ve examined it, take it back with the right hand and quickly,
although openly, bring it towards the left hand, and in one fluid motion,
place it between the first finger and thumb of the left hand, and grab the bent
nail with the first and middle fingers of the right hand and this time, hold the
nail in your LEFT hand out to be examined, saying “And now check this
one”. They do not know that they are seeing the same nail twice. After they
have checked “both”, holding the bent nail in the right hand, and the unbent
one in the left, ask the spectator, “Which one do you want to use”. If he
points to the right hand, great, this is what we want. Simply place the
unbent nail on the floor, and continue with the bend. If he points at the left
one, say “Ok, YOU take that one, and I’ll use this one.” Now that you’re
using the bent nail, careful to not flash the bend, bring the nail over and
transfer it to your left hand, holding the bent area between your thumb and
first finger. To the spectator, it looks as if they can see the entire nail, but
you’re really just hiding the bent part with your four fingers and gripping it
with your thumb. Now all you do is, with your right thumb, rub on the nail
near the bend. As you do this, simply relax your fingers, allowing the nail to
droop slowly and slightly. It appears as if it’s really just melting over where
you’re touching it. Now, after you’ve let it melt some, reposition it by
bringing it back up towards the top of the grip of your two fingers. Once it’s
regripped, it’s in position to bend again. Simply repeat the action, or act as
if you’re hitting it with a mysterious invisible force, shooting from your right
hand as you let it droop again this time. Be sure not to let it droop as much
on the second bend as it did on the first, or it will look obvious and bad.
After you have completed the bend, hand the nail out for examination.

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